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Clash of Clans Guide, Tips, Cheats and Strategies, part 3: Defense Strategies

Welcome to part 3 of the Clash of Clans strategy guide. This segment will focus on how to build up your defenses to stave off attacks from other players. Click here to go back to part 2 of the Clash of Clans strategy guide (attack strategies).

Building up your defenses is very necessary, but oftentimes it is completely neglected because of how long the protective shield lasts after you start the game. Just try attacking massive amounts of random players, and see how long it takes you to find ONE who has a half-decent defense. This is why a good defense strategy is VERY important, so that you don’t get completely crushed when you are attacked.

Your town’s organization can really contribute to how easy it is to defend as well. Everything should be as tightly clustered together as possible. The tighter it’s clustered, the easier it is to defend with cannons and other defensive towers.

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Before you upgrade the town hall to level 3, you will have space for 2 cannons, 25 walls and one guard tower. Make the best use possible of your walls – completely surround either the town hall or gold and elixir storage buildings with walls, leaving NO openings. Even just ONE open square that enemy units can get through negates the effectiveness of the wall. Upgrade your cannons and your archer tower as high as you can to make them more powerful and to give them more range.

After you upgrade the town hall to level 3, your options increase massively. You can now use 50 walls, and plant 3 bombs and a mortar. Place them wisely, and leave an opening in one of the walls to tempt players to send their troops through. Plant the bombs in the holes and their troops will get annihilated.

Alternatively, you can also place bombs near your defensive towers, since oftentimes people will want to target cannons and other defenses first. That will make opposing troops VERY easy pickings.

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