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Kingdom Clash: Tips and Tricks Guide – Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Kingdom Clash is a new backyard defense game by FireMocha and Storm8. It plays in a similar vein as Clash of Clans and Backyard Monsters. Kingdom Clash puts you in charge of a small kingdom, with two resources to stockpile, and a whole wealth of troops to train. You can send them into enemy territory to destroy other people’s kingdoms, and load up on defenses so that other players can’t penetrate your city. Read on for some tips and tricks for Kingdom Clash!

When you are attacking another player (or a computer controlled kingdom), remember that no matter whether your troops die or not, you lose them. Don’t send all of them in at once if you do not have to, because it takes awhile to train replacement troops. Only send in as many as you need at one time.

Once you start getting into areas where opponent plant bombs, send one or two warriors in at a time to set off the bombs, then send the rest of your troops in. Once you unlock thieves and demolitionists, send in the demolitionists to blow up walls, then send thieves into areas where defenses are weak to take resources. Warriors, of course, are good for attacking just about anything, although when you get aerial defenses, send in the archers to deal with them.

Defensewise, pack all of your buildings as close together as possible. Then place as many cannons and other defenses within a good defending range of your buildings as possible. This also makes it easy to defend your town with less walls. If you want to be frugal with the walls, only surround your resource buildings with the walls.

Upgrade your spellstone mines before you upgrade your markets. Your markets give you gold, but spellstone is what’s needed to train all of your troops, so since you’ll use more spellstone over the course of the game, the spellstone mine and the spellstone vault should be upgraded higher.

Upgrade the royal hall to unlock new buildings, such as the armory. It takes a long time to finish the upgrade, so start the upgrade before you go to bed, or to work, or somewhere else where you’ll be shutting off the game for a long period of time.

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