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Grimfall – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Grimfall is a new MMO strategy game for the iOS and Android platforms. Geared towards fans of Dragons of Atlantis and Kingdoms of Camelot (among others), Grimfall places you in charge of your own kingdom in which your goal is to build your power and resources, train a gigantic army, and then annihilate surrounding kingdoms and steal their resources. Read on for some tips and tricks for Grimfall!

Resource gathering is different in this game than it is in almost every other MMO strategy game. You have five resources, which are food, wood, stone, gold and iron. You can’t build resource collectors in your main kingdom, though, so you’ll have to found villages for mining. Go to the world map, find an area with resources, and found a village next to it. Then in that village, you will be able to build mining structures.

Each additional village that you add will cost far more time to build, so to make the process expeditious, find a spot in between two resource spaces and build there. Make sure that you build next to all five different types of resource spots to start with, but overall, build as many of these villages as possible and upgrade the resource mining buildings within each village as high as possible.

Your main city is where you train all of your troops, though, so use research to unlock new troops, build up your population by upgrading the large house, and use the barracks to train your troops. Troops aren’t advantageous or disadvantageous against each other, so you’ll have to play the numbers game. He or she with the most attack, defense, health, and overall troops, will be the winner.

Use espionage to check enemy strength before you send an attack over, so that you know where not to send your troops to for an attack. Always try to overload the enemy with troops, so that you’ll lose less overall troops due to your overwhelming power.

Look for abandoned kingdoms that are owned by players who have deleted Grimfall. You’ll be able to tell because they always produce resources but they never have any troops deployed to guard them, meaning that it will be extremely easy to ransack the kingdom or its villages and load up. Farm these kingdoms for resources all day long.

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