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Age of Warring Empire: Resource Guide – How to get more wood, iron, stone and food

In Age of Warring Empire, an MMO strategy game for iOS and Android, your four main resources are the cornerstone for building your empire and battling other empires. Without your resources, you can’t build and upgrade your buildings, train new troops, or sell them in the market. It always seems like one resource or another is always running out, but read on for some tips and tricks to get more resources in Age of Warring Empire!

The basics to getting more resource are, of course, upgrading your resource buildings. Upgrade your farms to get more food, upgrade your iron mine to get more iron, upgrade your quarry to get more stone, and upgrade your sawmills to get more wood. There are 4 of each building, so upgrade all of them for the maximum resource boosts. In addition, upgrade logging technology, mining technology, smelting technology and agricultural technology for extra boosts, 5% per upgrade.

You’ll know when resources are ready to collect when a speech bubble appears above them. Tap the speech bubble and you’ll automatically collect the resources. The number inside the speech bubble is a general indicator of how many resources are available. There’s no apparent exact correllation to the number of resources available, but the higher the number, the more you can collect.

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When you take over and occupy various areas in the regional map, you’ll earn large boosts. Farmland earns you food, stone ore and iron ore earn you stone and iron, and forest earns you wood. The higher the level, the more heavily defended it will be but the more of each resource you’ll earn.

In addition, attack other players’ kingdoms in order to plunder resources from them. The more troops that you send, the more resources you can plunder. When you find a player with a seemingly endless supply of resources (especially one who has no defenses), attack them over and over and over again.

All four resources can be bought directly in two ways. Either go to the store and spend gold coins on resource supply carts (or on standard resources) or, after hitting level 5, go to the market and spend copper coins on resources. Alternatively, you can also spend resources on copper coins. Sell small quantities of resources for a larger markup to rack up the copper coins, then use the copper coins to buy large amounts of resources at a low low price.