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Age of Warring Empire Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 2: More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

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Since there are only four types of troops that you can train, winning battles is essentially a numbers game. Train insanely high numbers of troops, level up your heroes as high as you can so that you can assign more troops to them, and then give them as many troops as possible for the battle.

Surprisingly, the map area is absolutely loaded with abandoned empires that have absolutely no protection from troops, and even some of the non-abandoned empires will have no protection either because they didn’t station anyone at the city walls. When you find someone with plenty of resources to raid and no defenses, raid them with reckless abandon. Be sure to ALWAYS station troops and heroes at your city wall unless you are actively trying to prevent troops from getting killed by other players for a time period.

Use gems to power up your heroes for an extra edge in battle. Go to the gem search (it’s the rainbow colored crystal in the bottom menu) and every time it says “free”, use up all of your free searches. You’ll likely find either crystals or copper coins. Go to the heroes menu and start equipping your heroes with gems. When you unlock new areas, as well, they are more likely to provide better crystals, such as the red ones.

Keep enough heroes with high levels around so that you can station some on the city wall, and then use others for attacking purposes. Switch them out every once in awhile to keep your city well-fortified and to keep your hero levels evened out. If you let your heroes fall behind in levels, they won’t be able to have as many troops under their command, which can seriously hamper one’s efforts.

Once you hit a high enough level, you can use the “synthesize” option to sacrifice heroes to power up another hero. Load up on heroes and synthesize them. Your best rarest heroes will usually be the ones that you won from the tower (you can win them at floors 20, 40, 60 and 80).

Whenever you get the cast iron, be sure to use the cast iron to upgrade all of your troops by going to the barracks and clicking on enhance or crit. These also require copper coins (the ones represented by the “moneybag” icon) so save up for those too.

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