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Age of Warring Empire: Attack Guide – How to win battles, occupy wilds and loot cities

Age of Warring Empire’s main goal is to destroy or be destroyed. It’s a simple concept wrapped in a somewhat complicated game package. There are many different battle instances in Age of Warring Empires, such as when you attempt to occupy a wild or a stronghold, attack a Treasure hill (as rare as these are), or try to detroy someone else’s city – or, heck, even when you go into the tower and try to beat as many layers as you can. Read on for some tips and tricks for fighting and winning in Age of Warring Empire!

Just like with the defense portion of the game, the main thing that will help you succeed in the offensive side is to play the numbers game and train as many troops as possible. Train archers, infantry and cavalry, and have at least 3 heroes to send out as your commanders.

Don’t bother with the catapults – while they are effective against strongholds and cities, they are WAY too expensive. You would benefit the most simply by saving your resources and training more archers, cavalry and infantry. 2 of any of the other troops are just as effective, and cheaper, compared to 1 catapult. The only real reason to train catapults is to complete quests which require you to do so.

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Try to get 3, 4 and 5-star heroes as these are the most powerful heroes with the most attack and defense. Play the tower as often as possible to level up your heroes rapidly, as this is by far the best way in the game to power up your heroes. You can level them up from attacking other cities, as well, but attacking cities does not work as quickly as traversing the tower.

Go to the crystal hunting screen and use your free crystal hunts once per day, even spending gold coins on more crystal hunts as needed, so that you can earn more crystals. Crystals are used as equipment by your heroes, and can majorly increase attack, defense, leadership and hit points, especially when they are synthesized with other crystals. As you level up your heroes, you increase the number of crystals that they can equip.

Being a powerful emperor with an insanely powerful army is simple. It’s a numbers game. Just train tons of troops and get better heroes and you’re set!