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There are four types of infected troops that can be trained in the infected pen. Shamblers are first tier zombies, while runners are second tier zombies. Bloated troops are third tier zombies, while the elite troops are the most powerful zombies in the game. These, like the other troops, are unlocked in the combat section of the research lab.

Attacking other players is arguably the cornerstone of the game. First, you will want to scout them using the recon feature. This will cost you coins. The higher your recon level is in the research lab, the more information you will be able to get from recon missions. They’ll tell you how many resources a player has, what kind of troops and defenses they have, and other pertinent information, such as their overall power level.

However, most of the time attacking other players is not worth it. Most players have their storage bunkers upgraded as high as possible, with not enough resources to actually fill their bunkers to capacity. This means that if you attack and win, you’ll still only win coins against these type of players, since their wood, oil, metal and food will all be protected by the storage bunkers.

Resource wise, the best use of your troops is to occupy various wilds. These include farms, lumber mills, mines, silver mines and oil wells that you find along the world map. In this case, the more troops you send over, the better. Keep in mind that infected troops usually hold slightly less resources than the equivalent troop tier of a different type, and vehicle troops hold slightly more than the equivalent troop tier of a different type, so for occupation missions, vehicles are best.

Infected cities are by far the most difficult to defeat. Being as they consist of all zombies, your best bet is to send in infantry, vehicles, and demolitions troops. Even the low level infected cities will take a small amount of damage at a time, and you need to be in an alliance to attack them, so have your alliance concentrate on one of these infected cities at a time. Think of them as this game’s equivalent to a raid boss.

Once you defeat the infected city, it will turn into a deserted city, and at that point it will become like a combination of all five different types of wilds – it will be loaded with all five resources, and it will be undefended, making it perfect for resource farming. Also, you and your alliance will earn a gold bonus for clearing infected cities.

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