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Empire Z: Top 20 Tips, Cheats, Tricks and Strategies, Page 2

15) Keep in mind the types of troops, and their advantages and disadvantages against each other. Infantry troops are strong against demolitions troops. Vehicle troops are strong against infantry troops. Demolition troops are strong against vehicle troops. Infected troops (all of the zombies that you can train in the infected pen) are weak against every […Read More]

Empire Z – Tips and Cheats: The Ultimate Strategy Guide, Part 4

Infected troops are best used for attacking another player’s city. The reason for this is that they are strong against defenses, whereas defenses are strong against your living troops (different defenses are strong against different troops), and every one of your living troops is weak against other players’ defenses. However, living troops are best used […Read More]

Empire Z: Defense Guide – How to protect your resources and stop rival players, page 2

When you’re deciding which troops to train, train anything except for zombies if it’s for defensive purposes. Train infantry, vehicles, and demolition. Infantry is strong against demolition, vehicles are strong against infantry and demolition is strong against vehicles. All three of these troop types are strong against zombies, making zombies somewhat worthless for defensive purposes. […Read More]

Empire Z: Attacking Guide – How to win battles against other players and infected cities, page 2

There are four types of infected troops that can be trained in the infected pen. Shamblers are first tier zombies, while runners are second tier zombies. Bloated troops are third tier zombies, while the elite troops are the most powerful zombies in the game. These, like the other troops, are unlocked in the combat section […Read More]