Empire Z: Top 20 Tips, Cheats, Tricks and Strategies

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Empire Z is the wildly popular new zombie-themed MMORTS that’s taken the competition (such as Game of War and Dragons of Atlantis) by storm. The gameplay is most similar to Game of War, but with many nuances and strategies that make this a very original game in its own right. Read on for the top 20 tips, tricks and cheats for Empire Z!

20) Battling is primarily a numbers game.
Whether you are on attack or defense, that’s what it is. He who amasses the most troops, stands to win the fight. Plow your resources towards constant troop training, and do anything that you can to keep the troops until you are ready to unleash havoc upon other players, and zombie cities.

19) Stuck on figuring out what to do next? Complete the missions to earn rewards and improve your city.
Look for missions to complete in the missions menu. Most of them will involve training troops, upgrading your buildings and building new buildings, optimizing resource output, and research. These will guide you in the right direction when you’re looking for something to do. Collect your rewards in the mission menu as well.

18) Get free gold by sharing whenever you upgrade your Command Center.
You can share on either Facebook or Twitter, and your total of free gold will be 10 times the level of your command center per share. For example, if you upgrade it to level 14, you can earn 280 gold total, 140 from Twitter and 140 from Facebook.

17) Join an active alliance.
Joining an alliance with players who have ditched the game already is borderline worthless. Join an alliance that is full of players who are active in the game in order to get all of the benefits of being in an alliance, such as gold bonuses and helping each other to complete construction faster.

16) Use the free speed-ups on your construction.
It’s free to speed up any construction project that has three minutes or less left to complete. This increases each time your VIP level increases, to the point where you can speed up anything that is 21 minutes or less if you are all the way up to VIP level 10.

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