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When you’re deciding which troops to train, train anything except for zombies if it’s for defensive purposes. Train infantry, vehicles, and demolition. Infantry is strong against demolition, vehicles are strong against infantry and demolition is strong against vehicles. All three of these troop types are strong against zombies, making zombies somewhat worthless for defensive purposes.

Want to make a player pay for attacking you? As soon as you see them on the radar screen, attack them right back. They will be surprised to see their city get mauled while their troops are all gone, and if they know you’re willing to do that, they might lay off. And if you’re close enough to them that their radar senses you, they might call their troops back before they hit your city.

The research lab is one of your best weapons for defense (and for offense, too). Go to the defense section of the lab to research all kinds of technologies related to defense. Most of them will be blanket power ups for your defenses’ attack and defense. Any troop upgrade in the combat section will work for your defense as well.

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There are loads of new defenses that can be unlocked in the research lab, too. There are thirteen in total, and each one has a distinct advantage against a specific troop category (infantry, demolitions or vehicle) except for the bear traps, which have no specific strengths. Every defense type, however, is weak against zombies.

Plus the higher that you upgrade your wall, the more city defenses you can have at the same time. Always make sure that you wall is at the highest upgrade level possible. This will be the same as the current upgrade level of your command center, so make sure that your wall never falls behind, and that as much as possible, your wall is completely filled with defensive units.

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