Empire Z: Attacking Guide – How to win battles against other players and infected cities

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Empire Z has become one of the fastest growing new games for the iOS and Android, for a very simple reason: Because zombies. Think of it as your very own The Walking Dead simulator (except that you are more like The Governor rather than Rick). Attacking is one of the biggest parts of the game, and battling is very nuanced and requires plenty of thoughtful strategy. Read on for the full battling guide for Empire Z!

The first thing to remember is that fighting other players is a numbers game. You’ll want to have the most troops possible, meaning that you will need plenty of recruiting stations, and they will need to be a sufficiently high level for you to be able to train loads of troops at a time. Any time that you need more spaces for troop training, build more recruiting stations to increase the possible queue.

Your holding pen is where you can train infected troops. You can only have one of these at a time, meaning that the way to increase the amount of zombies that can be trained at the same time is simply to increase the upgrade level of the holding pen itself. You can only have one training queue at a time, meaning that you can only use either the recruiting stations or the infected pen, but not both of them at the same time.

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Remember that battling is a rock-paper-scissors endeavour. You have four types of troops. Infantry troops are strong against demolitions troops, which are strong against vehicles, which are strong against infantry troops. All three of these types of troops are strong against infected troops, but are weak against defenses on the enemy walls.

Your zombies are all “infected” troops. They are weak against vehicles, infantry troops, and demolitions troops; however, infected troops are strong against all defenses, so if you are attacking a player with a heavily fortified wall, use lots of zombies to gain the upper hand.

Want to unlock more troops besides the militia, pickup truck, pyro and shambler? You will have to use the research station for that. Go to the combat section and upgrade down the list far enough to find new troops. The second class of troops is the rifleman, the armored Jeep and the demolitions expert. The third class is the soldier, battle bus, and scorcher troops. The fourth and most powerful tier of troops consists of the commando, zombie dozer and the boomer.

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