Empire Z: How to get free gold

Empire Z is like Game of War: Fire Age meets The Walking Dead. You get to start your own city, train your own zombies just like the Governor, as well as your own military, then go and clear zombie-infected cities, battle against other players and their strongholds, and attempt to rebuild your own civilization. Gold is the premium currency of the game. Read on to find out how to get more gold for free!

One way to get some free gold is to get together with your alliance and attack an infected city. It will take a LONG time to clear out the zombies from an infected city, but once you do, you and your alliance will all earn free gold bonuses. Make sure that you’re in an active alliance so that you can clear them out as quickly as possible.

Every time you upgrade your command center, a prompt will come up offering you 50 free gold to share your accomplishment, once on Twitter and once on Facebook. Promptly connect your accounts (even register fake accounts on both social networks if you don’t want to bug your friends), so that you can get the gold bonuses.

Hit the in app purchase store and you will find a surprising amount of ways to get free gold. One of these ways is simply to like the game on Facebook for 100 free gold. Just like above, if you want to, you can make an alternate Facebook account in order to do this, or just unlike it after you gain the bonus.

The next option is to watch advertisement videos in exchange for free gold. The videos will keep coming and coming, and for each additional one that you watch, you get some more gold. It takes awhile to get a lot of gold this way, but if you keep grinding at it, it becomes very much worth it.

The final option is to hit the Tapjoy button for a chance to complete free offers in order to earn gold via the Tapjoy platform. Complete as many of these offers as possible to rack up the gold. Also, log into Tapjoy.com and an additional batch of offers will be there for you to complete (most of which entail downloading and running a free app on your phone or tablet). Do these offers for even more free gold.

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