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Age of Warring Empire: How to get more copper coins and gold coins

There are two different types of premium, rare resource in Age of Warring Empire for the iPhone and Android. One of them is gold coins (the appearance of these is obvious), while the other is copper coins (this looks like a money bag). Gold coins are the most premium currency of the game, because they allow you to buy various buffs, rare heroes and other useful goods. However, copper coins, which allow you to research new technologies, are arguably more rare than gold, because you can’t buy them, but there are barely any ways to earn them, either. Read on for ways to get more of both of Age of Warring Empire’s top currencies!

One way to get free gold coins is to enter someone else’s invite code. You can do this either right when you begin the game or at any point in the game. When you do this you will earn one free gold coin, and then at various milestones throughout the game, you’ll earn more of them. However, you will be transferred to the invitee’s server and start with a brand new kingdom.

You’ll still have your old kingdom, though. Simply go back to your old world (if you don’t know which world this is, start from the top and work your way down), and when you go back you’ll automatically be in control of your old city again with all of the old resources that you build up. In addition, you can get free gold coins using the daily bonuses that you earn.

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Get more copper coins in a few different ways. One of them is by gaining an experience level, as with each level that you gain, you get new copper coins. Another is by waiting until they become one of the prizes from the daily bonuses. In addition, every time that you play the lottery, you have a shot at earning both copper coins and gold coins.

Wait until you unlock the market by hitting level 5, as well. Once you do, you can trade copper coins for resources, and you can sell resources in order to get copper coins. Also, try to occupy a stronghold. They are more heavily guarded than wildernesses, but once you occupy a stronghold, you’ll get an hourly collection of copper coins from it.

Finally, the only other recourse is to buy them. It’s fairly obvious how to buy gold coins – just tap on the plus sign next to the gold coin counter. For copper coins, tap on the moneybag icon in the upper right corner of the main kingdom screen, and you’ll be able to spend gold coins for bags of copper coins.