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Blastron: How to get free rivets and gears

Blastron is Kabam’s newest entry into the iOS app store, and for fans of games such as Worms or Scorched Earth, the gameplay will be a sight for sore eyes and a trigger for nostalgia. Blastron is a multiplayer robot battling game, in which each player takes turns making a movement and an attack, using an absolutely massive assortment of weapons to blow the crap out of each other. Rivets are the main currency in this game, while gears are the premium currency, and new weapons, armor, and other goods cost quite a bit of both. Read on to find out how to get more rivets and gears!

The most obvious way to get more rivets is to play as often as you can. Whether you play in the campaign or the multiplayer mode, you’ll earn rivets each time that you play, more if you win than if you lose. Even though it costs “tickets” to play a round, you have more than enough tickets to go on playing for a long period in a row, and they recharge quickly enough to enable you to come back shortly for even more fun. You will need to win in order to keep the rivets that you collect.

Boss characters, in particular, are excellent for earning rivets. They will usually be the only robot on a round, and killing them will earn you far more points than killing regular robots (and is usually easier to do unless it’s a particularly tough boss). The faster you kill ’em, the more rivets you earn, since there is a limited amount of turns.

Look for pickups in each of the levels that you play. You’ll find a number of chests, most of which contain weapons and other power ups, but many of them will contain rivets. In addition, for each hit that you successfully land against another player, you will get rivets. If you land hits against multiple enemies at the same time, such as with an explosive device, you’ll earn rivets from both enemy robots at the same time.

The daily bonuses are a great way to earn both free rivets and free gears. In addition, each time that you gain an experience level, you will earn free gears.