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Blastron Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide, Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of the Blastron beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 2 of the guide.

Your robot comes with three body panels that can be switched out – the head, torso, and legs. Initially, you only have tier-1 items available to you – however, as you upgrade the items that you already have equipped, you’ll unlock new items. If you upgrade your head to tier 2, for example, you’ll unlock tier-2 armor, and if you upgrade your head to tier 3, you’ll unlock tier 3.

The way to know if your specific armor has reached the next tier is to look at the stars when you are upgrading. You have to fill up 3 stars to get to tier 2, and then another 5 stars to get to tier 3, and so on. Each one upgrade gives you half a star. Each upgrade costs rivets or gears to buy, and each upgrade increases your statistics (hit points, attack, defense, health, speed).

Each time that you gain an experience level, you gain free rivets AND free gears, and you can also happen upon other rewards. Bronze, silver, and gold weapons boxes are some of the top rewards – bronze boxes are awarded for free every 8 hours or so, while silver and gold boxes cost you gears to buy. Each one contains a random package of weapons, though you can also buy more weapons in the stores using either gears or rivets.

There are tournaments held every so often in the multiplayer arena, and the more you participate, the higher you can end up in the tournament rankings and in the hall of fame. The higher you end up in the tournament specific hall of fame, the bigger rewards you’ll get, including goodies such as gear and weapons boxes, especially the ones containing more wicked and epic weapons.

Look at the upper left corner of the screen, right by your experience level and experience bar, in order to see how many tournament points you have. The color of the background of the number will change depending on what class of the hall of fame that you’re in.

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Finally, don’t forget about the boosts, which are also in the store. Many folks might skip over them thinking that they will have to pay gears for them, but not only can you pay rivets for them, but some of them cost less rivets than you would think.

That’s all for Blastron! Enjoy the game!