CastleVille Legends Walkthrough, Wiki, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide, Part 2

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Sooner or later, you will end up running out of space in which to build resources and craft buildings, and when that happens, you can clear out trees using the axes that you get from the woodcutter. As a bonus, each tree that you clear out will give you wood (whether it’s a small or a large tree, you will still only earn one wood apiece), which can then be used for further crafting.

What do you do with all of those craft items when you can’t do anything else? You sell them, of course. At the beginning, you can use Myra’s Forest Caravan to sell crafting items. She will ask for only certain items at a time, though, so keep coming back to see if she wants any new items. Selling items to her will earn you both coins and experience points.

Once you hit level five you will be able to unlock Sea Trading. This allows you to buy items from other players, as well as to sell items to other players. You can set the price for each item you sell, but only within a certain percentage of the market value. The higher the price, the longer it will generally take to sell, and buying low and selling high is a great way to make a profit. Selling items on the Sea will not earn you experience points, though.

Another great way to earn experience points and treasures is to explore the Ancient Legends. Your first one is the Ancient Watchtower, and as you expand, you can unlock another one at level seven just to the north of Raphael’s house. Exploring will allow you to earn treasure chests which are full of goods such as coins, experience points, rare jewelry, and even Crowns, which are the premium currency of the game. Keep exploring to see what you can earn.

The game will always give you clues about where to go next. If you need a crafting material but you don’t have it, tap on the picture of the craft material and a popup will tell you where it can be found, even if it is a location that you have yet to unlock.

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