CastleVille Legends (iOS) Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 2: More Cheats, Hints and Strategies

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Make sure to get to experience level 5 as quickly as you possibly can. Once you get to level five, you will be able to execute trades via Sea Trading, both with the computer and with other players. You’ll be able to set your own price on items, similar to how it works in Hay Day and Farm Story 2.

There are some main differences, though, such as that there is a limit as to how high you can set the price. Still, it’s very easy to make a profit if you buy items from players who have listed them at discount prices, so buy low and sell high, and you can make some easy money at the game. Craft your own items and sell them, and you can make some even easier money.

Gaining levels is a requirement in order to build more buildings and to buy more different varieties of goods, even from other players. To gain levels quickly, first, complete quests as quickly as possible. But in addition, send your heroes to all of the ancient buildings that you have unlocked and have them explore, and they will bring back experience every time. Buy torches from other players or craft them in order to keep sending your heroes out.

If you run out of building space and need to make more space in your kingdom, tap around the areas that are dark to see which ones you can expand to. Some of them will require you to gain more levels before you can expand to them. Expand to the ones that you can expand to. Also, hold your finger on a building to be able to move it (or sell it if it can be sold), and use axes to take out all of the trees and other obstacles that you can.

You’ll notice that oftentimes a building at the store will cost coins, but then if you want to buy another one, it will cost crowns. Gain enough levels, though, and you will unlock the ability to buy another of the same building for coins instead of crowns.

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