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Throne Wars Walkthrough, Wiki, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the walkthrough for Throne Wars, a new MMO strategy game for the iPhone, iPad and Android! Throne Wars is set in the medieval era, and in it you start off with a small village centered around a castle, and including various resource-producing buildings. Along the way, you will unlock troops to train, extra heroes to add to your kingdom, and better defenses, allowing you to go from a weak little village to a powerful kingdom. Read on for the beginner’s guide to Throne Wars!

Right when you begin Throne Wars, you will be taken through the basics using a tutorial. Your first task will be to build the three resource buildings. The woodcutter will produce wood, while the iron mine will produce iron and the stone quarry will produce stone. These will complete your first quests, and further quests will take you completely through the beginning.

Iron, stone, and wood are the cornerstone of your city. You’ll use them to build and upgrade new buildings, and to train your troops. Each successive upgrade to your resource buildings will allow you to earn more of that specific resource per hour. Building and upgrading your storage will not only give you a higher resource limit, but will designate a number of resources as “protected”, which prevents them from being taken by other players.

Your castle, of course, is where your city is run, and where most of your research can be done. Upgrade it to unlock more research. Warfare will unlock more military buildings, while Bureaucracy unlocks non-military buildings. Scout research warns you when an enemy army is approaching, while Administration allows you to build more settlements elsewhere, and Fortification allows you to upgrade the town wall.

The first troop that you can unlock is the infantry troops, which you can train from the barracks. Later on, you’ll be able to train archers from the archery range, catapults from the siege workshop, cavalry from the stables, and carts from the marketplace. Carts will allow you to ransack large numbers of resources from other players in battle, while cavalry, infantry and archers are strong against enemy troops, and catapults are strong against enemy walls.

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