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Throne Wars: Top 10 Tips, Cheats and Tricks

Right now, there are very few iOS and Android strategy games that are as big as Throne Wars. While it is a relatively simple game, the multiplayer mode causes it to have far more strategy involved than you might expect, due to the dog-eat-dog nature of the game. If you don’t keep up, you’re going to get slaughtered quickly by other players, but if you learn quickly enough, you’re going to quickly rise to the top. Read on for the top ten tips and tricks for Throne Wars!

10) Upgrade your resource producing buildings as high as you can.
Iron, wood, and stone are the cornerstone of everything you do in this game, whether it be constructing buildings, researching, or training new troops. Upgrade the resource buildings as much as possible, or you’re going to quickly find yourself running out of things to do. The more you upgrade the resources, the more resources you’ll earn per hour.

9) Always check the Heroes tab for rare heroes to pop up.
Most of the time, if you go into the heroes tab you’ll see one or two star heroes available. It’s rare, but it is possible, that a three, four or five star hero will pop up every once in awhile. These heroes provide FAR bigger boosts to your kingdom and to your troops than the common, one star heroes will.

8) Protect your military first and foremost.
Your military is the key to dominating other players. If you are still building up your military to a competitive size, then when you get notified that an attack is coming your way, send your military out on a mission (especially on a mission to counterattack someone who is attacking you). Better to lose resources than to lose the military due to the high time cost of training troops.

7) Winning battles is a game of numbers.
There are only a few types of troops in Throne Wars – infantry, cavalry, archers, catapults and carts (which are a resource-lugging troop). As such, there are no advanced troops that will tilt the battle in your favor. Your only method of winning is to have MORE troops, especially as the attacker. As the defender, you have other methods of defense, but your troops are still the primary.

6) Beef up your city walls and your militia.
Level up the castle to increase your militia size. Do research inside the City Guard to cause your militia to become much stronger. Level up AND do research inside the City Wall to make your city more impenetrable, with or without your troops there to guard it.

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