Throne Wars Walkthrough, Wiki, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide, Part 2

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City defense is accomplished through two things. The first building is the city guard, which allows your civilian population to become your militia. Once you build the city guard, you can research to increase the strength of your militia, or the base size, while upgrading the castle itself while level up the size of the militia.

Your other method of defense is via the city wall. Your base fortification strength is increased each time that your city wall is upgraded. The higher the fortification strength is, the more troops it takes to break into your city and steal resources. Researches allow you to increase the strength of your town wall, as well as give an attack or a defense bonus to any of your troops that are stationed in the city when you’re attacked.

Your market, as previously mentioned, doesn’t just allow you to train carts. You can trade resources for other resources, as well as for silver, which is the main currency in the game, or to trade silver for resources. Just like many other buildings, there is research available in the market too, but for economic purposes.

The other two buildings that can be unlocked later are the university or the toolsmith. The toolsmith simply allows you to upgrade your resource buildings via research, while your university allows you to upgrade buildings up to the maximum level.

Every building that you build that has research available, has a “tech level”, and if your tech level is high enough, then you can unlock new research within the building. Your tech level is the level of the building, multiplied by the amount of completed research inside the building. If you have a level 6 building, and complete three researches in that building, that means its research level will be 18. So increase your tech level by upgrading your building or by doing research.

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