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Throne Wars: Defense Guide – How to protect your kingdom and settlements

Throne Wars throws you right into the fray once you begin playing it. Unlike other MMO strategy games such as Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North, Throne Wars doesn’t give you an initial protection time. Instead, your kingdom is fair game to be attacked right away, so the sooner that you figure out how to protect yourself and your stuff, the better. Read on for some tips and tricks on playing defense in Throne Wars!

The main key is your troop strength. You have four kinds of troops that are worthwhile on defense: Infantry, Archers, Cavalry, and Catapults. Carts have a minimal defense rating, but they can’t really attack back, ergo they don’t count. Increase the number of each troop, and increase each of their attack and defense with research that can be done at their specific training grounds (Barracks for Infantry, Archery Range for Archers, Siege Workshop for Catapults, and Stable for Cavalry).

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When your troops are gone, though, it’s only your militia that will protect the town. Level up your castle to automatically increase the size of your militia. Your city guard is used to strengthen your militia, both by level ups and by research, plus your research can increase the base size of your militia.

Your city wall is your other line of defense. Upgrade it in order to increase your defense, especially your defense against catapults. Research Defense Architecture in order to increase the strength of the wall, and research both Traps and Siege Defense to increase the attack and defense of any troops that are currently stationed at the settlement.

If you want to protect your military, unfortunately, there is no “hide” or “evade” option, but you can accomplish the same thing in different ways. Send your troops off to one of your other settlements when someone else is attack. Alternatively, send them off to attack someone else while you’re getting attacked. You’ll lose more resources, but losing troops is EXTREMELY frustrating and can set you back far more. Plus, your walls and militia can still provide defense.

Finally, if you want to protect resource, upgrade your storage as high as you can. The higher the upgrade level, the more resources are protected from being stolen by attacking players.