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Blastron Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide, Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the Blastron beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide

There are multiple modes of play that you can play in Blastron. The main single player mode is campaign mode, which will allow you to quest through the planet earth (which has goofily been renamed Blastron) and go from level to level, racking up stars and fighting against blastbots. You can earn up to three stars per stage depending on how high your score is.

This is true for most of the campaign stages, but there are two other types of stages that you can play. There are stages in the campaign mode where the winner is determined by kills, rather than points, and there are big boss stages where it’s you vs only one other blastbot, with a lot more power than your usual blastbot, and you simply have to kill them or outscore them in order to win.

Practice mode allows you to practice firing your weapons at any time. Unlike campaign or multiplayer, you don’t use any of your stored weapns here. Instead, you can choose a batch of weapons to go into a practice battle with, and fire them to your heart’s content, because every time that you play in practice, that same choice of a loadout will still be there waiting for you to choose it.

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Mutiplayer mode pits you into a deathmatch against between 1 and 3 other players, randomly matched up against each other by the computer. Deathmatch battles are scored by points; each player aims to score the most points possible, and whoever scores the most points wins. Deaths and kills do not matter in the multiplayer games; it’s all about the points.

In all of these games, the rewards for winning are experience points and rivets (which are the main form of currency in the game). As you use up your weapons, you can use rivets, or even gears (the premium currency of the game) to buy even more of them, and if you have enough weapons, you can use rivets and gears to upgrade your robot.

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