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Blastron: How to get more tickets, experience points and stars

Blastron is a new robot battling game by Kabam, who is also the team behind the Fast and Furious 6 game as well as countless MMO strategy games. Tickets are the game’s form of “energy” and are required in order to play the campaign mode games. Stars are earned during campaign levels and are required in order to unlock new weapons and new levels. Experience points will go towards increasing your level, allowing you to earn more rivets, unlock more weapons and even earn free gears. Read on for tips on how to get more of all three!

The best way to get more experience points, aside from playing in the campaign mode, is to play in the multiplayer mode. The more you play, the more experience you earn, and you earn more experience per game than you do when you play in the campaign mode, even if you lose. There are more ways to earn bonus experience points, as well, by how many points or how many kills you rack up, or how few times you die in the middle of a match.

Use the multiplayer mode to rack up free weapons (and rivets to buy weapons). Buy the weapons which do a higher amount of damage, and then take them into campaign mode to start racking up stars. The more points that you earn on a round in campaign mode (for the most part), the more stars you’ll get in the middle of the campaign. Weapons such as the Mo Betta Rocket are great for racking up points, because they can easily blow up multiple enemies at the same time.

Another way to earn more points in campaign mode (and therefore, more stars) is to rack up kills and especially to kill multiple enemies at the same time, because unlike in multiplayer mode, you earn more points when you get more kills. Look for point drops, as well, because you can pick them up, get more points, and still have time to launch an attack.

To get more tickets after you run out, you simply have to wait for them to come back, or you can spend gears in order to get more tickets. Otherwise, you just have to wait them out and play multiplayer mode until your tickets come back.