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Blastron FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Blastron, Kabam’s new game for fans of the Worms series or, for those who go even more old-school, for fans of the old MS-DOS game Scorched Earth. Blastron involves rounds of battle played between as few as 2 or as many as 4 blastbots, and the goal is to score as many points, kill as many battlebots and win as many rounds of battle as possible. There are both single player and multiplayer modes, but playing in the online mode is when the game can be at its most addicting. Read on for the tips and tricks guide to Blastron!

The games that are played in Blastron are very simple. The game is turn based, with 2-4 blastbots on a stage per round. When it’s your turn, you have 25 seconds to make a move. During these 25 seconds you can move from side to side, jump, aim and fire. If you fire any weapons, your time will be reduced to 5 seconds (unless it’s already at 5 seconds or less), giving you just enough time to escape from the potential explosion of your own weapon before your turn ends.

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You use the left joystick to move, and the right joystick to aim your weapon, decide the distance that you’re going to shoot it, and then fire. The right joystick pops up a distance arrow, which goes from blue to green to yellow to orange to red depending on how far you’re aiming. If you are using a close range or a fixed-range weapon, you won’t see the distance arrow pop up. Instead, you’ll get to aim a white target, and if you have a robot in the crosshairs and fire on it, then you will do significant damage.

Weapon variety is the game of the game here, and the various weapons need to be aimed differently depending on their characteristics. For example, rockets and other general bombs will explode as soon as they hit a blastbot or a surface that the blastbot is standing on. Grenades will bounce around and explode in a few seconds. Teleport grenades will move you to wherever you shoot them, and will not end your turn.

Landmines will stick and will explode whenever they are in proximity of someone. Cannons will launch cannonballs that damage the enemy by blunt force and then by exploding a few seconds later.

Some weapons can do extra sustained damage to another blastbot, such as setting fire or poisoning them, either of which will do conistent damage and either of which will continue earning points for its user throughout the round if the weapon is on target

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