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Blastron Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 2: More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

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Tickets run out fairly quickly in Blastron when you’re playing campaign mode, but that’s not the end of your play. When they run out, go play multiplayer mode, because you can still earn lots of rivets and experience points, even if you don’t win a match, and it doesn’t cost any tickets to play. You might even get sucked in and before you know it, all of your tickets will have been regenerated on their own.

Jumping accurately can be difficult to figure out, but you can change directions in mid air, allowing you to land on platforms and get into spaces that you otherwise would not be able to. In addition, if you are having trouble aiming rockets and they keep blowing you up, shoot in the middle of a jump, which will help to ensure that they won’t get caught on any piece of the terrain that you are standing on.

Watch out for the point drops and for weapons drops on the stages that you play. Since multiplayer doesn’t cost any tickets to play, use multiplayer mode if you want to simply scout for weapons drops. If they are in an area that you can’t reach, use the teleport grenade to blast yourself to them. And for treasure chests with a lock on them, grab the key first, and then take it over to the chest to open it.

Stock up on cheap weapons since they cost very few rivets, but can do a decent amount of damage, allowing you to earn a rivet profit in multiplayer mode. Landmines are the cheapest, and they do more damage than rockets, making them an excellent weapon to stockpile.

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As far as the campaign mode goes, though, stockpile the mo’ betta rockets, because if you use them to blow up multiple robots at a time (which is easy to do because campaign mode robots are extremely stupid), you can rack up a ton of points fairly cheaply, earning you more stars on each level.

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