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Blastron Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Blastron is a new iOS game by Kabam, that fans of games such as the old MS-DOS game Scorched Earth will enjoy. It’s a turn based robot battle game that pits you against three other robots per stage. Your goal is to use a variety of weapons, as well as avoidance tactics, in order to do as much damage and/or kill as many enemy robots as possible, while avoiding damage to the greatest extent that you can, and earning rivets and gears (the two forms of currency) along the way. Read on for some tips and tricks for Blastron!

Generally, the easiest way to make a three-star score on a stage is to go for as many kills, and/or to hit as many robots at a time, as possible. The easiest way to make a kill on a robot is to blow out all of the land from under them, causing them to fall to their death, or to use an explosive to knock them to their death.

Otherwise, use the terrain to determine weapons will work best. If an enemy robot is inside of a dip, then it should be fairly easy to throw a grenade in and blow them up. If they are on a hill, then it’s best to use your rockets, or other straight shooting weapons such as guns and spears, and damage them that way.

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If you are having trouble beating a stage, go back to old stages that you have beaten previously, especially ones that you haven’t yet achieved a 3 star score on, and play them again. You’ll earn extra experience points, which will allow you to unlock new weapons and armor, and you can use those rivets that you earn to upgrade and become stronger. Upgrade the parts that you already have, instead of buying same-tier parts, and save your rivets until you unlock the next tier of parts.

After you launch a weapon, you’ll have about 3 to 5 more seconds left to move before your turn ends. Use those seconds to get to a spot where you’ll be harder to hit. Let the opposing robots take each other out, then target them again on your next turn. On kill missions (where scores are based on kills rather than points) it can be smarter to simply stay away from enemy fire, score 1 or 2 kills, and let the opposing robots take themselves (and each other) out.

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