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Secret Passages: Hidden Objects – How to get free energy, shovels and more relics

Secret Passages: Hidden Objects is a new hidden object game for the iPhone and other iOS devices, complete with many items that you have to find. Energy is required in order to play each stage in the game, but like many other Pocket Gems games, it just runs out too fast, giving you a few minutes of playtime before you have to wait for awhile to get more of it. Shovels allow you to search in dig sites for many kinds of goods. Relics can be traded in for coins, which will allow you to unlock new stages. Read on to find out how to get more of all three of them!

To get more shovels without having to pay for them, play stages. Each time that you play a stage the shovel’s bar will increase, and when it fills up it resets and you get three free shovels. The higher your score, the more the bar fills, so it is recommended to play the same stages over and over so that you memorize where every object is, and thus, can tap them more quickly, allowing you to refill the shovel gauge quicker.

To get more relics, the higher that you score on a particular stage and the quicker that you beat it, the more of the same relic that you’ll tend to pocket after you complete the stage. It’s recommended to pocket multiples of each relic, because the trades change all of the time in the trade store, and you never know what is going to pop up next as a recommended trade.

Later on in the game you can unlock new relics for old stages. Tap on the stage that you want to unlock new relics for, and you can pay a certain amount of coins for the unlock. Then, go to that stage and play it, and you will be able to find the new relic, and earn it for your cache of artifacts after you beat the stage. It’s recommended to wait until later in the game to do this, though, when you already have a large number of coins to play with.

To get free energy, dig around the dig sites using the shovels and look for energy-regenerating items. The candy bar will give you 25 energy, the coffee will give you 50 energy and the super fruit will give you back 100 energy. Otherwise, you have to wait for the energy to regenerate on its own, or pay rubies for those items.