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Secret Passages: Hidden Objects: Get more coins and gems

Secret Passages: Hidden Objects is the new hidden object game for the iPhone and iPad that has you searching high and low around the world, taking secret doors and tunnels from one end of the world to the other. In Secret Passages: Hidden Objects, there are two main forms of currency, and the distinction between premium and primary currency can get rather ambiguous. Gems and coins are the two forms of currency in this game. Read on to find out how to get more of them!

The main way to get coins, of course, is to play as many rounds as possible so that you can get artifacts, and then trade them in for coins. Replay rounds and memorize the location of objects each time to maximize the quantity of relics that you earn every time that you play, because the better you do on a round, the more relics you will earn. Build up a large cache of relics and there will be trades that open up for them, since trades refresh every few hours and every time that you actually make a trade.

Digging in dig sites is also a great way to earn free gems and coins. Mostly, you’ll find either flashlights or things that are needed in order to repair the dig site, but often (and especially in dig sites that are already repaired) you will earn gems and coins by digging. In addition, repairing a dig site will earn you a nice gem bonus.

Keep an eye on the quests, as well, and complete them in the right amount of time, because they’re the best way to earn LOTS of gems, and some coins as well. If you don’t complete a quest within the allotted amount of time you won’t earn the gems and the coins, but another quest is sure to pop up right afterwards.

Otherwise, the only way to get more gems and coins in Secret Passages: Hidden Objects is to buy them. You can spend anywhere between 5 dollars and 100 dollars on them, depending on how many of one or the other that you want.