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CSI: Hidden Crimes – How to get more coins and cash

CSI: Hidden Crimes, which can be seen as the follow-up of sorts to the old Facebook classic CSI: Crime City, is a new hidden object game for iOS and other platforms. There are two forms of currency in this game. Coins are the main form of currency, and can be used to buy power ups as well as to change the appearance of your avatar. Cash is the premium currency and can be used to regain energy whenever you run out. Read on for some tips on how to get more of both of CSI: Hidden Crimes’ currencies!

Your main way of earning coins is from the scenes where you find objects. Pay close attention to the point total at the end of the round. You will earn 1 coin for every 10,000 points that you get in a stage. So to earn the most coins possible, you’ll have to earn the most points that you possibly can each time that you play.

What are some good tricks to earning a lot of points (and thus, coins) then? One of my favorites is to screen capture a stage the instant it begins, then pause the game, then go to your picture folder, then examine your screen capture to find the required items. Then go back to CSI: Hidden Crimes, unpause, and tap the three items right away. Repeat with every set of three items until you either find them all or until you have the hang of where everything is on the stages.

Additionally, other tricks work just as well for increasing your score and your coin earnings. Set your iPhone or iPad’s zoom feature to “on” in the accessibility area. This is more recommended for the iPhone as the iPad has a big enough screen to play without assistance. It will be a smaller “zoom” than the screen-pinch zoom function in the game.

Play stages where there are a lot of items to maximize the score that you can get. Keep the combo chain bar full for as long as possible, and minimize the erroneous taps, because those will reset your combo bar and cost a large amount of points. Finally, finish as quickly as possible for the highest possible point bonus.

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Cash is the premium currency in CSI: Hidden Crimes. Unfortunately, there is no way to get free cash in this game, short of hacking CSI: Hidden Crimes for free cash. And that’s likely to get you banned or kicked off by the developers. And if there is a real hack for the game, it won’t be hidden behind any surveys – it should be accessible via iExplorer or through jailbreaking your phone or iPad.