CSI: Hidden Crimes – How to get free energy

CSI: Hidden Crimes is a new hidden object game, programmed by Ubisoft Abu Dhabi, based off of the ever popular TV show. The game is absolutely loaded with scenes to search through and find hidden objects, but unfortunately, the energy system is one of the most restrictive in recent memory. Read on to find out how to get free energy in CSI: Hidden Crimes!

You get a free energy refill immediately when you gain an experience level. Your experience gained from one mission is typically fixed, and is dependent upon which mission you play. The further into the game the scene is, the more experience points you gain. Try to time it so that you gain a level right as you run out of energy.

As you examine and analyze evidence, you’ll gain free energy as a bonus. This is true for the minigames that you have to play to analyze the evidence, not for the ones that take a fixed amount of time to examine. Save your evidence for when you run out of energy, and then knock it out all at once. Make sure to load up on stars so that you can analyze it all.

When you connect CSI: Hidden Crimes to Facebook, you and any of your friends who play the game can send energy back and forth. Send your friends energy as often as you possibly can, so that they are motivated to send energy back to you. If you don’t have any friends who play the game, invite people who you know enjoy mobile games or hidden object games, or who enjoy the CSI TV series.

Don’t want to bug anyone with games? Then start adding other people on Facebook who you might not necessarily know but who play this game as well, so that you can send energy to them and so that they can send energy to you. Or, start a second Facebook account, specifically for adding people who play games, and add folks in fan groups or “add me” groups who play CSI: Hidden Crimes. Look for people to post their information in the review pages of the App Store, or on the comment section of this article as well.

Finally, keep logging back in every day even if you don’t plan to play very often. Every day that you log in you will earn a login bonus, and on the third through fifth day of logging in, you will earn either coffee or donuts, both of which can give you an energy boost. If you use them when your energy is full, your energy will go above the maximum, making them even more useful.