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City Cat Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

City Cat is a new side scrolling endless runner app for the iOS and Android platforms. This game is a sister game to the Nyan Cat series, and starts a random cat who is trying to make a run through the big city, collecting coins and all kinds of food items along the way. You have a whole smorgasboard of power ups, such as the flying cat and hulk cat power ups, that can help you along the way, but ultimately, your goal is to go as far as possible, by any means possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for City Cat!

If you concentrate too hard on trying to get coins or food items, then it’s very easy to get distracted and hit an obstacle, or simply jump clear off the stage. The simplest tip that can help deal with that is simply to focus on your distance, and on timing your jumps so that you don’t fall and don’t hit obstacles.

Get the propellor cat power up, the hulk cat power up and the flying cat power up every time that you see them, because they will help you get MUCH farther into a stage. The propellor cat will allow you to become invincible and fly at a high speed, the hulk cat will make you immune to any dangerous objects, and the flying cat will allow you to fly at a slow speed. Usually, you’ll find a flying power up almost immediately after you find a hulk power up, while propellor power ups will appear completely at random.

All of those food items that you can collect have a purpose, as well. When you are in the main menu area, hit the trophy button and you’ll see all of the various food collections that you can acquire. Once you fill them up, you can then sell them for 200 or more coins apiece. Each time you sell a collection, you’ll earn a star on it, meaning that you’ll have to get more of the food item in order to finish the next version of the collection, but the amount of coins that it can be sold for will increase.

The best things to save your coins for, though, are the magnet and the extra lives. The magnet will enable magnet drops in the stage, which will automatically draw all coins to you, and the extra lives, of course, will revive you after you die. The more times that you upgrade the magnet, the longer it will last. The more times that you upgrade extra lives, the more lives per stage that you will have.