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Flying Sport Car: Explore City – Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Flying Sport Car: Explore City is an odd new game for the iPhone and iPad where you fly a car as if it were an airplane. Your goal is to go through rings, land safely at the airport, and get that three-star score so that you can earn as many coins as possible. And then once you get those coins, you can use them to purchase new, faster, better flying cars. Read on for some tips, cheats, hints, strategies, and tricks for Flying Sport Car: Explore City!

First of all, the game is very heavily loaded with ads. If you want to get rid of the ads, since there is no ad-free purchase option, you can set your device to airplane mode, or simply turn off the cellular and/or wifi to get rid of them. Without an internet connection, the ads will fail to load.

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Fuel can run out quickly in this game. The main reason for running out of fuel is flying too slowly. If you want to get to the airport successfully, fly at full throttle until you approach the airport. It’s a little bit harder to steer the car this way, but you need to in order to save fuel.

The faster your fly, the more your car will want to fly upward, though, so you’ll have to be diligent to make sure that your car doesn’t fly over every ring. Keep aimed downward; if you think you’re aiming too far down, then that means you’re aiming it correctly. Fly through all of the rings to get the three-star score. Any less and you’ll only get a one or two-star score, and less coins at the end of the round.

Take those coins to the shop and you can use them to buy more cars. Each car has a different wheel rating, engine power, and control rating. A higher wheel rating means it’s easier to land. A higher engine power rating means a higher top speed. A higher control rating means that the steering is more sensitive, so it’s easier to go down or sideways.

If you want to put the ads to use for your benefit, go to the coin store and you can watch an ad video for 10,000 free coins. If you’re good at flying, though, you’ll get more than that just by three-starring every level after level four. The higher the level that you beat, the more coins that you’ll earn as a reward.


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