Kaiju Rush: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

By | 20190109

Kaiju Rush is Lucky Kat’s new game where your goal is to destroy as much of the city as possible using your kaiju monster. You can launch them and bounce them to smash buildings while trying to get as far as possible, and earning coins and gems in the process. Read on for some tips, cheats, strategies, hints, and tricks for Kaiju Rush!

The game tells you to drop the monster when the target circle is at its biggest, and this is definitely something you should do for maximum destruction; however, this isn’t the only strategy to do. Also, look for golden houses and spring-loaded round platforms to jump on. The golden houses are worth more coins than anything else. The platform will speed you up and make you bounce higher, allowing you to max out your distance.

Avoid hitting the spike walls, as even though they will earn you as many coins as any standard building, they also slow you down. Hit the trains and they will vault you forward a small amount as well as send you moving to the side, letting you max out the destruction. Finally, hit the gems when you see them to earn a gem after the battle is done.

You can upgrade your power and speed to launch forward faster – they do mostly the same thing, except power also lets you jump higher. Upgrade coins to increase the amount of coins that you earn per building. Don’t forget about the offline income, though, as when you get back from a long period of being offline, you can earn a LOT of money.

If you have an internet connection, you’ll be able to watch ad videos in order to earn all kinds of bonuses. If you come back from being offline, you’ll be able to double up your earnings. After you finish a run, you’ll also be able to watch an ad video for double, although after filling up all five treasure slots, you’ll be able to get a super bonus and spin for either a coin multiplier (5x, 10x, etc) or a number of gems, up to 15 if you’re lucky.

Aim as close to the middle as you can when you’re making your shot. If you land in the center line (the perfect line), you’ll get a perfect shot, which will send you the longest possible distance. Also, when your character comes to a stop, they’ll perform a Kaiju Calamity automatically and destroy everything on the screen.

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