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Light-It Up (game): Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Light-It Up is a new level-based platformer for the iOS and Android platforms with clean, glowy stick-figure graphics and a unique set of challenges. Your goal in this game is to light up every platform on each level you play, and not to fall off of the level. You can earn points, fight for a hgih score, and collect stars as you make yoru way through the level, too. Read on for some tips, strategies, hints, cheats, and tricks for Light-It Up!

Your main goal, of course, is to light up every platform on each level. You start at the bottom of the level every time, so the easy way to do this is to jump from side to side and work your way upward, but don’t move upward too quickly. If you do, you’re likely to end up skipping platforms, which will make you have to go back down, and going back down is much more difficult than moving upward.

If you have to move back down, though, then there’s a fairly easy way to do it. Once you jump and land on a platform, it starts to drop down a bit due to the momentum generated by your character landing on it. Land on the platform, jump away from it, then double-jump back towards it, and land on it again. Or jump back and forth between two platforms and let them both drop down.

Another quick way to light up a platform is to touch it with a lit platform. If you start at the top of a level, which you will on some of the later ones, use multiple jumps and landings to knock a platform down. As it floats downwards, it will tap other platforms, lighting them up as well. If you see a stack of shapes that are still just outlined, jump on the top one and all of them will light up.

Of course, make sure to collect all of the stars on a level if getting the highest star score is important to you. Once you light up the last platform, then you won’t have anymore chances to collect stars, but as long as there is at least one unlit platform, you’ll be able to get more stars and work towards that three-star score.

As you make it to even later stages, new challenges will appear, such as blocks that move after you land on them. You’ll be able to recognize them because of the arrows/chevrons that appear in the middle of them. Look at the layout before you begin jumping so that you can plan out what order to jump on and ride the blocks in.

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