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Rock Destruction – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Rock Destruction is a new game for the iOS and Android platform by Voodoo where you play as a giant boulder destroying everything that you can. You can upgrade the power and size of your boulder, destroy even more of the town, and earn money for future upgrades. Read on for some tips and tricks for Rock Destruction!

Some of the buildings and other objects in the village will be light colored, and some of it will be dark colored. The stuff that is light colored is stuff that you can destroy right now. If it’s dark colored, then you are not yet powerful enough to destroy it. The more power upgrades that you purchase, the more objects you will be able to destroy, so the more objects that will turn light in color.

Even though if you go extremely far in the level, some of the gates will not even be breakable yet; however, it is possible to bounce right over them. Move to the far side of the level and bounce off of a sharp hill. You’ll go flying into the air and if you fly high enough, you will land on the other side. If you can successfully make it to the other side, you’ll continue your run, even finding some destructible buildings on the other side.

The more that you upgrade your power, the bigger and more powerful you will get, and you will also have more targets to hit. Aim for the most recent targets that have just been converted over from dark to light. The most recent targets are the ones that are worth the most money. The ones that you have been able to destroy for a while are the ones that are typically worth less money.

Make sure to upgrade your offline income consistently. This will give you quite a bit of extra money to come back to whenever you are offline for a long period of time, such as when you are going to sleep or when you are turning the phone off at work for an extended period. Without the upgrades, you’ll earn pennies on the dollar, but with the upgrades, you’ll earn plenty.

If you want to slow yourself down so that you have more time to make a decision, bounce off the very corner of one of the dark objects, but don’t run into it full force. If you hit it at full force, your rock will break, but if you hit the corner of it, you will slow down almost to a stop, and then gradually speed up again.

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