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Giant Boulder of Death Tips and Tricks Guide – Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Giant Boulder of Death is the newest Adult Swim game for the iPhone and iPad. This endless “runner” has you playing as a gigantic boulder and trying to destroy every possible thing in your path, from trees to barns to yetis and people in lederhosen, while trying to avoid obstacles such as spiked walls and homing mines, which can stop your run, or just blow you up. Read on for some tips and tricks for Giant Boulder of Death!

After you unlock the spin boosts, you can only get them for free once every ten minutes; every other time, you have to pay two gems in order to spin. If you want to get them for free before the 10 minutes is up, set your phone ahead by however much time is left, and then go back to the game and you’ll be able to spin for free again.

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After you die, if you haven’t fallen down a ditch, try to position your boulder so that when it explodes, it knocks down as many objects as possible. Your boulder pieces will hit everything in front of them for about 4 seconds, so if you position yourself near a group of herderhosen, yetis or other obstacles that give more points (or even barns and houses), you’ll earn more last-minute points.

Homing mines are a pain, but no matter the position, you can avoid them by jumping rapidly until they are gone. You can avoid almost any ditch as well, since your boulder can jump whether it’s actually on solid ground or not. Using the jump technique eliminates 2/3 of the worst obstacles in the game – only the spikes are still a danger, and even then, you can jump over them. Jump upgrades make it easier to do.

While you normally can’t destroy houses until you get the Invinciboulder, sometimes you can destroy them by smashing into a group of nearby trees. The trees will be thrown in every direction, and if a tree hits a house, barn or other tough object, often it will destroy it.

In the store area, you can get free coins if you like the game on Facebook or follow on Twitter. If you tap the offer buttons and then click right back to the game, you’ll still get the free coins, and the buttons will still be up there when you go back to the game. Keep tapping the like and follow buttons until they disappear, for thousands of free coins.

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