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Giant Boulder of Death Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 2 – More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Welcome to part 2 of the Giant Boulder of Death tips and tricks guide! Click here to go to part 1 of the GBOD tips and tricks guide.

After you hit spikes or a mine, but before you die, while you are still glowing red, you can still control the boulder before it blows up. One of the best ways to earn a few extra points is, right before the boulder is about to blow up, jump so that when it blows up, you’re in midair. You’ll shoot rock fragments much further, with much greater speed, causing them to hit far more obstacles before the level ends.

One of the best ways to maximize your score is to, ironically, stop paying attention to what you knock down. Primarily, focus on avoiding obstacles such as spike walls and red homing mines. You’ll hit so much stuff on the way down that you’ll rack up a high score anyways. Plus, the further you go, the more clustered the field becomes, meaning the more stuff you hit, so the faster your score will go up.

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Once you unlock the head start, don’t use it until you have a quest that requires you to go a long distance, and even then only use it if it is a distance that you’ve been unable to get to so far. Then, use the coins that you’ve saved up and go as far as you can.

Oftentimes, a huge cluster of objects that you can hit (such as the small blue houses, or people) will appear, with many of them all clustered in one place. Aim right at them when you see them and bowl them over, and you’ll score MASSIVE amounts of points, all in one shot.

A great way to earn more coins is to upgrade the Coin Sucker as high as you can. Then, every time that you spin and land on the Coin Sucker, you’ll be magnetized to collect coins and gems far more easily.

If you are already going long distances, upgrade them Gem Frequency as high as you can, or simply spin and then spend two gems to maximize the Gem Frequency. Do this and there are chances you will be able to find three or more gems in a level, meaning that even when spending gems, you’re still earning gems.

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