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Seashine – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Win, and Strategy Guide

Seashine is a new endless swimmer game, with a little bit of a Metroidvania angle to it as you make your way through stages loaded with danger and obstacles. Your goal is to collect all of the little shiny sea creatures to rack up your score and keep your energy meter high, while avoiding everything that can kill you, which is pretty much… anything. Read on for some tips and tricks for Seashine!

Your method of moving is to swipe in the direction that you want to go. Swipe in the direction of the light sources and collect them. If you miss them and your light goes out, you’re done, so swipe to go back for them becuase you don’t know when your next light source will appear.

If you turn and you see a large, round, circular area with no outlet, TURN BACK IMMEDIATELY. That’s where a shark will come out and attack you. You’ll also see a shark come out and eat you if you open a treasure chest – not every time, but a good chunk of the time, so make sure that you bolt after you open the chest to prevent from being eaten.

Grab every single star that you see. Once you get enough stars, you will be able to power up. You can buy an antidote power up, or you can buy a shockwave to push creatures away. Or you can simply get a permanent speed boost in order to get away from those creatures and move more quickly toward the light sources in the first place.

Another way to get free stars is to watch advertisement videos in order to earn them. You earn three stars for each one video that you watch. It takes awhile to earn them this way and all of the IAPs provide you a ton of stars for not a whole lot of money. However, if you really want to avoid spending money, watch a whole lot of these videos.

In general, it doesn’t matter what path you take, as long as you keep moving forward and collecting the light creatures. Some of the paths will be a little better than others, though. Some paths are pitch black, so you will have to feel around to try to figure out where you are going. Others are lit better and will be less of a pain.

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