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Surfingers – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Surfingers is a new endless surfing game by the makers of Timberman for the iOS and Android platform. This game, like that one, is a quick reaction game that tests your ability to rack up a high score – in this case, by surfing endless waves. Move the waves up and down to match the wave in front or to avoid obstacles. Read on for some tips and tricks for Surfingers!

The only two movements that you have to make hin this game are to swipe up or to swipe down. Swipe up to make the wave go up and down to make the wave go down in order to line up with the wave ahead of it. Plus, you will need to swipe up in order to get past various obstacles, such as icebergs and rocks, and then swipe down again to match the waves again.

You’ll be able to collect stars as you go, which are the currency of the game. Stars allow you to unlock new characters. You can collect them by lowering or raising the wave quickly enough to reach them, or you can purchase more of them in the IAP store using real-life cash.

As you get further and further into a level, the waves will get harder and harder to match up with due to the increased speed of the level and the fact that the waves shorten every time. You will have to focus harder and swipe more accurately to make it. Also, you can move the wave quickly by swiping with more than one finger. Just alternate fingers.

You can earn star multipliers as you go by collecting multiple stars in a row without missing any of them. This will make it a whole lot easier to earn stars quickly, and you will be able to purchase new characters a whole lot more quickly this way. New characters all have the same performance, they just all look different from one another.

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Another way to earn new characters is simply by having a high enough score. At the end of a round, if you have a data connection of some kind, you will get the option to watch a video in order to keep the round going. The option won’t pop up, though, if your score is already above your high score, or if you barely have any score at all and still lose.