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Pocket Mortys is a new RPG that parodies Pokemon, featuring Rick and Morty for the iOS and Android. This game is set in the multiverse that’s familiar to fans of the show, and you play as the real Rick. Your goal is to use your Morty to catch all of the different Mortys from the other universes, collect, trade and mind-control them, and then use them to fight against the imposter Ricks and take your place as the real Rick. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pocket Mortys!

There are over 80 Mortys to catch in this game, each of which is subdivided into one of four elements: nothing, rock, paper, or scissors. Keep a good variety of Mortys on you so that you can constantly swap them in and out as needed to maintain an elemental advantage. When you need to level up a weak Morty, use it to start a battle, then attack once and swap in a strong Morty. At the end of the battle, both Mortys will gain experience.

There is a little bit of grinding to do early on in the game, and the easiest way to get it done is to fight all of the Morty trainers early on, and then lose to the Rick at the end of the level. You’ll keep all of the Schmeckles, items, Mortys and experience points that you earned when you fought in the level. There’s no real need to use the Blips and Chitz tickets; everything that you need can be earned from within the game.

If you need to earn Schmeckles quickly, an easy way to do so early on in the game is to go to the IAP store and watch advertisement videos. Each one that you complete will give you free Schmeckles. Early on, this will be the fastest way to earn them, but when you get further into the game and beat enough Ricks, the Schmeckle rewards per battle will increase to a degree that videos will be nearly worthless.

Hit the Morty daycare and leave your Mortys in there if you don’t need them at the moment. You can also combine two identical Mortys to evolve them, if they can be evolved to begin with. Your original Morty can’t, and many others can’t either; however, some Mortys have two or even three forms. Stock your party with those that have three forms, primarily, as that third form is often VERY strong.

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Combine items, too. You can craft items by combining two or three different other items, or materials, together. Try random item combinations at first, then once they have been mixed successfully, then they will go into your recipe log automatically.

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