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Pocket Mortys – Guide for and List of All Item Crafting Recipes

Pocket Mortys is a new Pokemon parody for the iOS and Android platforms that enables you to play as Rick, obviously of Rick and Morty fame, and catch all of the various Mortys from all of the various universes. You have a ton of different items in this game, and you can use those items to craft new items. The recipes will be saved after you craft them for the first time. Read on if you don’t want to wait, though, and you want to find out all of the item crafting recipes right away!

The base items in the game are Defense Mega Seed, Speed Mega Seed, Circuit Board, Tin Can, Cable, Fleeb, Bacteria Cell, Turbulent Juice Tube, and Attack Mega Seed. These are the items that cannot be crafted from anything else. Everything else can be crafted by a mix of either two or three items. The crafting recipes are as follows.

Battery = Tin Can, Cable, Fleeb
Supercharged Battery = Battery, Turbulent Juice Tube
Microverse Battery = Supercharged Battery, Dark Matter Ball, Motherboard
Purified Fleeb = Fleeb, Turbulent Juice Tube
Mutant Bacteria Cell = Bacteria Cell, Turbulent Juice Tube
Dark Energy Ball = Fleeb, Bacteria Cell
Dark Matter Ball = Dark Energy Ball, Turbulent Juice Tube
Motherboard = Supercharged Battery, Cable, Circuit Board

Love Potion = Purified Fleeb, Mutant Bacteria Cell
Dog Collar = Tin Can, Cable
Morty Manipulator Chip = Supercharged Battery, Circuit Board, Tin Can
Serum = Battery + Fleeb
Great Serum = Battery + Purified Fleeb
Sensation Serum = Supercharged Battery, Serum
Pure Serum = Supercharged Battery and Purified Fleeb
Plutonic Rock = Battery, Bacteria Cell

Pure Plutonic Rock = Battery, Mutated Bacteria Cell
Halzinger = Bacteria Cell, Fleeb, Battery
Pure Halzinger = Mutated Bacteria Cell, Purified Fleeb, Battery
Level Up Mega Seed = Attack, Defense, and Speed Mega Seeds
Robot = Supercharged Battery, Motherboard
Butter Robot = Robot, Tin Can

Gwendolyn Doll = Robot, Love Potion
Time Crystal = Purified Fleeb, Dark Energy Ball
Time Stabilizing Collar = Dog Collar, Time Crystal
Interdimensional Cable Box = Supercharged Battery, Motherboard, Time Crystal
Neutrino Bomb = Supercharged Battery, Motherboard, Dark Energy Ball
Interdimensional Goggles = Supercharged Battery, Time Crystal, Tin Can
IQ Enhancing Helmet = Supercharged Battery, Turbulent Juice Tube, Motherboard
Roy VR Headset = Interdimensional Goggles, IQ Enhancing Helmet

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