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The Pit (Ketchapp) – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

The Pit is a new endless running game by Ketchapp for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to go as far as you can go by jumping over and sliding over obstacles, while collecting gold as you go. The further you go, the tougher the obstacles get, but the more gold that you get the more new characters you can purchase. Read on for some tips and tricks for Ketchapp’s The Pit!

The method of controlling the game is to hold down on the screen to slide, and then let go of the screen to jump. Every jump is the same height, regardless of how long you hold down on the screen for, so it’s fairly easy to time your jumps. Slide to get under any overhead obstacles, and jump to get over any obstacles on the ground.

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Gold coins are the currency of the game, and you’ll see them all over the place, either on the ground or in the air. They will appear different sizes, but they are all worth the same – the ones in the air just appear bigger due to being closer to the camera. Collect as many gold coins as you can and you can use them to purchase new characters.

Another, faster way to collect gold is to tap on the video button whenever you see it pop up after a round for 250 free gold coins. It won’t appear every time, but it will add to your total rapidly when it does appear, so keep on the lookout for the free video offers to pop up every now and again.

As you go further into a level, you’ll see obstacles that appear so close together that you won’t be able to get over them in just one jump, such as three spike strips in quick succession. The way to get past them is to jump early, land in between them, and then immediately jump again.

Also tricky in this game are things which appear to be obstacles, but are not. Buzzsaws and falling blocks will often appear right next to the track that you run on; so close to it, in fact, that it initially looks like they’re coming right for you. But if you jump up, you might end up running into another, real obstacle. Also, the giant flying buzzsaws fly very low, but it’s best to slide under them rather than jump over them.