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Floors (Ketchapp) – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, High Score, and Strategy Guide

Floors is the latest endless game by Ketchapp, one of the most prolific publishers on the App Store and Google Play. You control a character who runs across multiple floors, but each floor is filled iwth spikes, so your goal is to navigate successfully through as many of them as possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for Floors by Ketchapp!

The height and distance of your jump differ depending on how long you hold down on the screen. If you tap the screen gently, you will do a very low jump, enough to just get over one spike. If you hold down on the screen the whole time, you will do a long enough jump that you can clear four spikes in a row.

Most of the time there will be no spikes overhead, but sometimes there will be, so you will have to avoid jumping too high (or avoid jumping at all if there are no floor spikes to go with them). If you have a spike on top and on the bottom that are right over/under each other, you’ll have to do the smallest tap possible in order to clear the bottom spike without smashing your head on the top spike.

You can get gems in each stage, but they take a long time to gather unless you get really high scores. Every so often, though, you’ll get a huge free gem bonus that earns you around 100 of them. Get 100 gems and you can earn a new character.

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To get the new character after earning 100 gems, play another round and then die again. A bubble will come up showing 100 gems, and when you tap the bubble you will get an all new character. The gameplay doesn’t change at all with any of the characters that you acquire, it just changes the look.

Hit the bar graph icon to see the top scores in the history of the game. Scroll past any of the hacked scores that you find – you can tell which ones are hacked because they will look insanely unrealistic. The high yet realistic-looking scores are the real scores and that’s who you have to compete with to be the best.