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The Floor is Lava (Ketchapp)- Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

The Floor is Lava is the second game based on this meme to top the charts in the App Store. This new Ketchapp game takes the whole idea back to its roots – you play as a little kid who is jumping from object to object in order to avoid the lava floor. Your goal is to go for as long as you can without falling into the lava. Read on for some tips and tricks for Ketchapp’s version of The Floor is Lava!

In this game, the floor will not ALWAYS be lava. Sometimes, it will be inert, meaning that you can run on it, and you will have to because the objects will be space further apart when this is the case. When the floor is not lava, then all that you have to do is keep jumping from floor to object and back until the floor turns back into lava.

Once it does turn back into lava, then you have to jump from object to object without hitting the floor. To do this, your best bet is typically to wait until you hit the edge of the platform, then jump. If you jump too early, you’ll fall in. Only once you hit around 30 points or so will the objects become closer together, requiring you to jump sooner.

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Collect all of the hearts that you come across in each level. A heart serves as a hit point, so when you pick one up, that’s one more life that you have, meaning another fall into the lava that you can take without dying. In addition, when you die, you will have the option to watch a video to revive and have three more hearts.

Each time that the floor turns into lava, the game will speed up, and you’ll run faster. The jumps will be quicker too, but they will be the same overall distance, so you can time them exactly the same all throughout the level. You just have to time them and jump really fast when you get into the higher point ranges.

Close all of the apps that are going in the background if you are experiencing slowdown, as there is no option for turning down the graphical detail or anything like that. Shutting off the music and sound effects can help, as well, but not as much as turning off all of the unnecessary background processes on your phone can help.