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Offroad Legends iPhone Game Guide: Tips, strategies and cheats

Offroad Legends is a game for the iOS platform where you pilot a whole range of vehicles in extremely precarious situations. Vehicles that you can drive range from a big rig to an old pickup truck and everything in between. Stages include time trial stage, where you have to race for the best possible time, and lava jumps, where you have to jump the car and land on a platform that is suspended above lava. Read on for some tips and tricks for Offroad Legends!

When you are playing the time trial stages, there are a number of things that can be done to give you little increases in speed here and there. For example, if you are coming up to a really steep hill, slow your vehicle down and roll down the hill, rather than trying to jump it. Your vehicle will pick up gigantic amounts of speed and momentum while rolling down the hill.

Another good strategy on the time attack stages is, when you have a huge drop ahead of you, angle the truck forward or backward, depending on what kind of truck it is and how much of its weight is in front. For example, angle the old pickup truck forward so that the front wheels hit first but the big rig should be angled so that the back wheels hit first. This will help prevent the wheels from getting knocked off the vehicles when you land. Or if only one set gets knocked off, you can still make it to the finish.

For the lava jumps, try to land on the closest platform to the jump. Each platform will earn you a different star score, the closest being the best score. When you come up to the jumping ramp, slam on your brakes, but up until then keep accelerating.