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Witch Wars iPhone Game Guide: Tips, Tricks, Strategies and Cheats

Witch Wars is a combat puzzle game by the South Korean company Com2us, inc. it is one of the match 3 games that is so popular on pretty much every platform in existence, but this one has a combat twist to it. You either play against a human opponent or play against a computer opponent, launching off combo attacks and racking up combos, using coins and power ups to get more and more victories. Read on for tips and tricks for Witch Wars!

Don’t try to get too cute with making huge combos in this game. Instead, try to get as many combos as absolutely possible in the short amount of time that you have to play each round. The faster that you get combos off, the more attacks you will launch against the opponent that you are playing, and the more likely you are to chain together combos just from falling icons that come down after you land the first combo.

Sometimes, if you download the game, and then it prompts you to update it to play further, when you restart the game, it will come up in Korean instead of English. If you already have played the game enough to know where everything is and what everything does, then it should be fairly easy to continue playing anyways. However, if this isn’t the case or you just want to read the game in English, then delete the app and go back to the app store and download it all over again.

Try to make combos with gold items that you see come up, such as good handcuffs or the gold coin with the red star in the middle of it. If you knock out a combo with one of these, you will be more likely to heap your opponent with attacks and ruin their game.