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Call of Mini: Zombies iPhone Game Guide: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Call of Mini: Zombies is the latest game in the iPhone Call of Mini series, which is a spoof on the ever popular Call of Duty series. This one is a first person shooter where you simply enter a stage, kill as many zombies as possible, and then fight on another day, using the cash that you win to buy upgrades, power ups, and better weapons. The game starts off relatively easy, but it does not take long for it to get very difficult, so read on for some tips and strategies to help you to get farther in Call of Mini: Zombies.

You need to buy all of the ammunition that you fire in this game, but instead of buying it, simply do the following. Play a couple of throwaway rounds in stages, especially the junkyard because it’s so small. Use the chainsaw ONLY, and use these stages to kill as many zombies as possible, and to find as many ammo drops as possible. Not only is this a good way to get free ammunition, it’s a good way to get a whole lot more money as well.

When you are in the store menu, in the armory, scroll down past about 8 different guns (keep going past the rifles and machine guns, and then past all of the shotguns) and you will find the chainsaw in there. You can power up the chainsaw using the damage upgrade, and when you do, it will add MASSIVE amounts of damage to the total that it does – about 15 damage points per added upgrade, meaning that it can be upgraded to become one of the most powerful weapons in the game, on the cheap.

Get zombies running after you in the stages by running towards the first set of zombies you see, and then running past them. Keep running for awhile, then turn around, and as more zombies pop up, run past them plus the original zombies. Keep doing this until you have a large mob of zombies after you, and then start mowing them down easily with your guns or your chainsaw. This is an excellent way to save your ammo and to score tons of kills.