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Guide to Call of Mini: Sniper (Last Stand) for iPhone: Tips, tricks, cheats and strategies

Call of Mini: Sniper (Last Stand) for the iPhone and iPod Touch is a game that takes influence from a game with a very obviously similar name, but in name only, apparently. What this game actually is is yet another zombie shooter, much like Contract Killer: Zombies, but with much brighter colors, superdeformed characters, and somehow, seemingly a whole lot more fun… or maybe that’s just my personal preference. Never did you think that Zombies could be so darn cute, but they are in this game. Pity that you have to shoot them, but hey, at least you’re helping survivors get back to the chapel unharmed, because the cute zombies will eat the cute survivors if you don’t, and if even one zombie enters the chapel, you lose. Oh well, read on for some tips and tricks!

Early on in the game, when you just have an Uzi or a sniper rifle, stick to mostly the sniper rifle, and only unleash the Uzi when you have a horde of zombies that  are close to you, and need to reload with the sniper rifle. When the white zombies that take twice the damage come out though, the Uzi is good for picking them off if you have a horde of them nearby.

Death is inevitable, so if you start getting way too overwhelmed with zombies, and a huge crowd of them is on the screen, use this opportunity to go out with a bang and fire some shots at the giant tanker truck, taking out all of the zombies that you possibly can in the process. The longer that you can put this off, the better, because all the more zombies that you kill. This should hold you over until you get your first 5,000 coins. Then you should buy the launcher IMMEDIATELY.

Once you get the RPG-1, which is your first rocket launcher, the game changes. Early on in the round when things are slow you can still get by with your old sniper rifle, but switching over to the launcher when you are reloading is a good idea to take out groups of 2-3 or more. Watch out for civilians, though. Later on when you get slammed and a huge army of zombies is going for your chapel, switch back and forth between the launcher and the Uzi, and mow them down as fast as you possibly can to prolong the inevitable, and to earn tons of coins.

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When you have a civilian who is in the middle of a huge pack of zombies, and you want to use the launcher but you can’t because of the civilian, sometimes it is better to simply let them get attacked than it is to try to switch to the sniper rifle to save them. After they get killed, fire the launcher into the huge zombie pile and you won’t get any friendly fire penalties – just a ton of zombie kills and coins afterwards.


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