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Call of Mini: Sniper (Last Stand) – FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide for the new iPhone game Call of Mini: Sniper (AKA Last Stand)! In this game your goal is simply to kill wave after wave of zombies, trying to shoot as many as you can without hurting any survivors. Your survivors are trying to get to the chapel, and the zombies are after them. You get 10 coins for every zombie you kill, 100 coins for every giant zombie that you kill, 50 coins for every survivor who makes it to the chapel alive, and you lose 50 coins for every zombie that you kill (not that zombies kill, that you kill yourself). And you also get a time bonus at the end of the stage, which adds extra money to your monetary total.

You have three main types of weapons in this game: sniper rifles, rifles and launchers. Sniper rifles are much more accurate than the other two types of weapons, do more damage than the rifles, and fire at a much longer range. In addition, the scope zooms in closer for easier head shots. Rifles (which would be more correctly called machine guns) fire quickly, have a relatively short-to-medium range, and the scope doesn’t zoom in as far as a sniper rifle. Launchers barely zoom in at all, but the blast from a launcher’s shell hitting its target will do damage to all targets around it. All three can be found in the store, although you start off with both a basic sniper rifle and a basic rifle.

You can also buy “buffs” in the store, which are bonuses that help you out when you are trying to shoot zombies. Battle Booths will show up just to the left of the chapel (imagine you are facing the chapel directly) and will distract zombies that are near it, so that you have more time to shoot them. Ammunition gives the battle booths more shots to work with. Armageddon destroys everything on the screen (it is single use and you can use only one armageddon per game). Explosives, which can be used once per game, set a trip wire near the chapel that blows up a bomb when a zombie gets too close to the perimeter.

You also have traps that you can blow up in desperate measures that can knock off a large number of zombies. The biggest one is the tanker truck in the middle of the stage. It takes 2 sniper rifle shots to blow up, and when it blows up it will destroy almost every zombie on the screen, but not the ones near the chapel. The red oil drums will also blow up when shot, although the explosion won’t be anywhere near as big as the one with the tanker truck.

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