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Dead Trigger 2 Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Dead Trigger 2 is a new zombie hunting game for iOS and Android platforms. This is a sequel to the original Dead Trigger, and in at Playstation 3 quality graphics and extra story lines, as well as new types of stages and funny bonus weapons, such as the bomb chicken. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dead Trigger 2.

Medium and hard stages are almost impossible to beat before getting any weapons upgrades, so upgrade your weapons as soon as possible. To do this, first, you have to upgrade the tech guy. After that, you have to upgrade your gunsmith, and then, you will be able to upgrade all three of your initial weapons, which will make it far easier to beat the medium stages, and will make it so that the hard stages are actually possible to beat.

These upgrades require quite a bit of cash, though. An easy way to load up on cash is to go to the most of story stages or to the supply run stages (any stages that a aren’t timed other than assault, sentinel and defend stages) find a zombie spawn point, and keep killing zombies indefinitely. This will rack up insane amounts of money and if you do this on easy mode, you can kill most of the zombies that you need to kill using only the wrench.

Plus, the zombie farming method will spawn extra mini bosses every so often, and mini bosses have a good chance of dropping blueprint pieces when you kill them. Wait around for awhile on these stages and kill mini bosses and you will have a chance at either earning more blueprint pieces, or simply earning a huge load of cash.

Don’t even try to use melee weapons on the mini bosses. Kamikaze will do huge amounts of damage when he dies due to that giant bomb strapped to his chest, so stand back. However, he will also blow up other zombies, so use that to your advantage. Scienfist will hit you with radiation if you stand too close. Vomitron will launch vomit all over you, so keep moving in order to prevent them from hitting you.

New continents and missions are constantly being added to the game, and they are unlocked when every single Dead Trigger 2 player kills off a certain amount of zombies. The highest zombie kill totals will occur in the supply run stages by far, due to the endless zombie spawn points and the lack of a time limit, so if you want to contribute large amounts of zombie kills to the overall global kill total.

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